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Supermoon lunar eclipse

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Supermoon lunar eclipse
I don't usually put the technical details of my photos - it's not that kind of site. However, I'm really impressed with my Supermoon lunar eclipse photo. Not so much on my skill, other than being able to hold the camera and lens very still.

The equivalent focal length of the lens was approximately 900mm, but, and this is where modern technology is amazing, it was hand held at 1/5s! The lens was fully open, effectively at f8 and the camera was set to 3200 ISO. All I've done in Photoshop is increase the exposure by 2.5 stops, add a small amount of noise reduction, crop so that what's shown here is about 1/15 of the area of the sensor and reduce the image to 500x500 pixels. OK I was using the Image Stabiliser, but effectively it's 7 stops of stabilisation better than the 1/f rule! Looking at the full image the only problem is some noise, but since it's a RAW image I can play around with it later - the hard work has already been done. On the original image the moon is about 1300 pixels across and maybe there's a pixel or two of movement if that. Maybe in a few years I'll look back on this post and laugh at how easily I was impressed - but, for today, I'm amazed.

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