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Caterham fun at Goodwood

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If you're looking at an image of a question mark you may wonder what it's got to do with the classic car, enjoyment or the historic West Sussex circuit.

Surrey Se7ens were having a fun day out at Goodwood and I was asked not just to take photographs of the cars and owners, but also to take a shot that could be used on the cover of Lotus Seven Club's award winning magazine Lowflying. A good challenge. Last time 13-Jun-2015 there were ten Caterhams - today there are 40!

Special thanks to Rob for bringing this together and coming up with the brief. The magazine editor now has the photos and we’re waiting to see if one makes it to the cover of the December 2015 issue. It’s his thunder (make that exhaust pipe roar) and you won’t see me stealing it by putting any possible pictures on this site until then. Watch this space...

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The magazine has now been published, so you're no longer seeing the question mark that been next to this article for the past two months - I can now show you a copy of the magazine cover adorned with my photograph!