Thank Yous

Here are some of the Thank Yous that I have recieved for my photography...
Thank you so much for the brilliant photos
Karen W

Thank you so much for these photos, they are fabulous.
Jane P

Yay! Brilliant, thank you so much. These are wonderful!
Simeon C

Absolutely brilliant, Andy. As I said yesterday BEFORE I saw these magnificent results, you're a very good photographer. I'm delighted. Thank you so much.
James F

Wow.... just wow. Andy thank you so much, these are so great!!
Emily E

They look stunning, thanks Andy.
Gill H

Brilliant – thanks Andy.
Simon L

Lovely! Thank you xx
Charlotte H

Your gift of photography is a real blessing to all those whose lives are touched through it.
Denise N

Just wanted to say thanks ... Photos are brilliant.
Hannah U

Thank you so much for the photos ... They're fab!
Charlie H

A fantastic set of pictures
Richard J

Thanks very much for such amazing pictures!
Sergio B

Thanks very much Andy. They are lovely
Jan B

Beautiful pictures
David P

Congratulations on this stunningly atmospheric photo
Alan B

Absolutely brilliant
Daniel R

Great pics
Farooq B

That’s the best photo of us together I think we’ve ever had.
Wendy B

Thank you ever so much for your stunning pic – each time I look at it, it truly blows me away.
Kaur K

Brilliant photo, thanks so much Andy, appreciated :)
John W

Thank you so much these are amazing, thank you
Hema M

Great pics thanks!
Julie B

Thanks very much for supporting us on MTW and for the wonderful photos
Heather C

Thank you once again for being our fabulous photographer for WoI! The photos are great.
Desislava G

You are an amazing photographer
Lauren R

Appreciate the quality of the pictures
Atanu R

Great work!!! You have captured some great images. This is exactly what I wanted.
Roger D

Thanks Andy these are great.
Justine M

They are an excellent set of prints....absolutely delighted.........many thanks
Rob R

They are brilliant
David R

I wanted to say a he ‘Thank You’ for your work at the all-hands event yesterday – you always do a wonderful job, capturing the tone and the personality of the event and the people present.
Richard R

These are great, thanks Andy.
Pauline H

Thank you very much Andy they are top quality.
Mark H

I have just seen the photo's they are BRILLIANT, and that is not exaggeration. I know the band will be over the moon
Julian M

Thanks for the photos, they're great!

Great photos!
James M

Wow – great pictures!
Suzanne P

These are great, thank you very much.
Ejaz K

Thanks so much for this! There are some real gems in here!
Venetia R

Perfect, thanks very much!
Katherine H

Thank you very much for the L. pictures. They are a super record of the whole event.
Nigel P

What a great effort from you! Well done and thank you!
Sabrina D

Wonderful, thank you so much Andy,
Claire P

Fantastic thanks Andy
Cameron W

These are fabulous! Thank you so much!
Hannah W

Great pictures, great quality!!
Alison A

Lovely photo, thank you so much indeed!
Joy A

These are great! Thank you
Charlotte N

it's by far the best of the two of us
Tim L

They’re perfect, thanks so much
Edd G

Appreciate all your hard work that day. The photos are amazing.
Tunji A

Just seen the DVD it's fab thank you so much for all your time and effort you have put into it
Sarah S

My compliments on the great pictures you took at the C H event
Colin J

The pics look great!!!
Didier M

Wow! Stunning!
Tracey C

Thank you so much for those amazing photos. I will frame them and put them on my wall
Dan L

Just a note to say thank you very much for the pics from B - they are fantastic!
Simon B

I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for capturing on film the Girls in IT day we had today.
Claudette A

Brill photos
Catherine D

Just to say a very big 'thank you' for such excellent photographs
Trevor D

How fantastic! Your photos of A. are amazing and are most definitely the best we've ever had taken of us!
Lisa D

Thank you again the photos are brilliant.
Sheridan B

They are Great! thanks so much ... wonderful quality as usual ... thank you so much.
B & S

These are great....thank you SO much and you have done an amazing job :-) I am so pleased!
Nicki R

Thanks so much for taking the photos... It is difficult to put into words how fantastic we think they are.
Lorraine T

What fantastic pictures!
Alison M

They are wonderful photographs. Many thanks.
Anne L

You are the best – thank you so much :O)
Linda S

I just wanted to say a very big thank you for taking the time to take photographs at our event and for the team before hand
Rashada H

Thank you Andy. They are lovely!
Fiona E

Thanks again for your great photography.

Many thanks for the car photos. I am very pleased with them
Roger G

Andy these are so amazing! Thank you soo very much!
Carolyn C

Once again, many, many thanks for these super pictures.
Diana G

Thanks for sending the photos through so promptly. Great photos!
Tanya K

A great pic!
Sally H

Great Photo!
Karen G

thank you, Andy. The photos are what make the centre spread interesting.
Helen G

Andy the photo is great
Claire L

Thanks so much Andy. Brilliant!
Sonal T

Excellent photographs
Ross C

Great pictures!
Andrew M

It is hard to know how to thank you enough for the time you spent with me this afternoon - as far as I am concerned you have performed a miracle
John F

Thanks so much for all you did Andy, it has made such a difference having all the photos on the web, they really capture the atmosphere and to see the expressions on people’s faces is very moving
Sharon S

The newspaper pictures are good but yours are MAGNIFICENT. Thank you so much.
Trish H

What a lovely, beautiful and attractive display! Your images really bring back the atmosphere of the amazing celebration
Gottfried S

Thanks for the photos, they are a million times better than the ones we took previously
Bill O

These are GREAT
Jon B

Great photos, especially the nature and close ups.
Mike T

Your work is incredible!
Kelly H

Really beautiful! Thank you
Anita A

These are great- thank you so much for capturing the day for us.
Germaine E

Fantastic photos
Viv L

Fabulous photos
Jon L

A great photograph
Reena J

Your photo is a number 1 hit! Everyone I show it to thinks it's wonderful
Robert N

Fabulous pics thank you!!!
Kate H

The photos are amazing! Thanks so much.
Kim D

Fantastic pics
Mark S

They're fab. L. is really pleased with them and already has some of them up on her bedroom wall
Rosie B

It is absolutely superb, we were bowled over
Jo S

You are a star!
Gillian R

A big thank you for the disc full of pictures. They are great! You have really captured the idea of children at work. I am so grateful for your time and expertise.
Vivienne A

Very many thanks for the wonderful photographs. ... will treasure your record of it.
Margaret H

Well what can I say other than WELL DONE for a magnificent record of the mysteries. I thought that the photos were excellent given the difficult lighting conditions... The book will be a treasured memory for many people who put on a wonderful production. Many thanks and well done
Ian T

S. has brought the album over today and photos are really super, what S. calls cool. It captures the day in a formal, informal, imaginative and professional way. We are all extremely grateful to you for taking the photographs. With many, many thanks
Alan T

What a joy to look through the lovely book of photos
Bob K

The image is beautiful
Kristi R