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In a dark corner of London

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The Fire Tuba
“It’s not wrong, but we just don’t do it”. So, apologies to Gordon the Big Engine (who was I disturbed to see is described by Wikipedia as a fictional anthropomorphic tender locomotive.) Fictional!
I've never written two articles on the same day, it's not wrong ... and I'm doing it today!

I don’t know why, but when in London I love traveling around by tube. Sure, it gets hot in the summer and it's damp in the winter, but it's fast as you don't get stuck behind other traffic and thanks to Harry Beck as his map tells you all you need to know. So I surprised myself by getting off at London Bridge and walking to Waterloo instead of just sitting on the tube for the two final stops. I'm glad I did as I came across Krzysztof "Christopher" Werkowicz with his amazing Fire Tuba. His contraption may be eccentric - but it put a smile on everyone's face and put a spring in my step as I walked along the busy Southbank to Waterloo.

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