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We Also Served

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I've never photographed at a film Premier before, but Friday night a phone call arrived out of the blue! Two days later I was captivated by the moving stories told in Dr Farooq & Huma Beg's We Also Served. Featuring Bookham residents and their memories of World War II, some of which were funny and some deeply sad. After the film came awards and after that, a group shot showing some of the many people from Bookham who were in the documentary.

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Update: 21-Jul-2018
A good bookshop is a treasure trove, and this is especially true of my favourite: Barton’s Bookshop in Leatherhead. On today’s visit not only did I find several essential books for the holiday but also a DVD of “We Also Served”. On the back of the DVD cover is a copy of this picture!